Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nails of the month

I have never ever liked false nails. I've seen lots on other people and also tried ones on myself; but they never looked right. They didn't seem to fit the size of my nails properly and they always looked, well, false!

I remember one Christmas I made the terrible mistake of getting false gel nails the day before Christmas Eve. I went to a really reputable and popular salon so I thought I would end up with lovely, shiny, new nails for Christmas. Did that happen? No. They looked horrendous, false, too long, not wide enough and generally awful. I hated them from the moment they went on until the moment, sometime late on boxing day, when I finally hacked them off (Yes I am aware that is not the way to get gel nails off).

So, false nails and myself have never really get on. Until I saw Broadway Impress false nails on someones blog (albeit they were in neon pink) and they looked really good. I googled them and a few other blogs came up with people showing off the various patterns you can get. So I decided to give them a go.

Now I don't think they are all that cheap for falsies (£8.99) and I was still skeptical as to whether I would like them, but everyone had such good things to say about them so I went along to Boots and got some.

Again, on taking them out of the packaging (which is a nail varnish shaped bottle by the way) I was still skeptical. But, I have to say I was more than a bit impressed. They were so easy to put on. I laid them all out in size order for my nails (and it says leave your thumb until last!) and all you do is peel off the sticky tab at the back and put them on your nails pressing down hard for a few seconds. So easy and so quick; no messy glue to contend with.

This sticky bit that held them in place didn't look like it was up to the job but I managed to keep them on for just over a week (before I got bored) and they didn't ping off or chip or anything! Very impressive from false nails. I really liked the pattern I went for and lots of people commented on how nice they were and how they didn't look like false nails at all! So, all in all, I would thoroughly recommend Broadway Impress nails!

Boots and Superdrug have a variety of different pattens for about £8.99.

What do you think?

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