Friday, December 19, 2014

Love The Little Things 2014

So, this is my last #littleloves for this year. I am also going to be taking a break from blogging from today until January, so I can recharge and spend some time with my family properly, as I am sure lots of you out there are too. I will still be on instagram, so do please come and follow me - charlies_mummy84.

This week has been one of the busiest of the year. We have had one week to find a new childminder so have spent every evening meeting potential ones and then it was the step-daughter's Christmas concert and today is hubby's birthday along with a party tomorrow for the step-daughter's birthday! Throw in some wrapping of presents, buying of presents and still trying to get to work on time and it's all been a bit mad! So I am definitely ready for a break and a lie in.

Anyway, I've tried to find things under the prompts below, but bear with me!


Lots of lovely Christmas and farewell cards from my students. I have had some beautiful messages and I am very sad to be leaving my students.


It's hard to find something good I've heard this week, what with the devastation in Pakistan and then Australia this morning. But I 'heard' the Head teacher's farewell speech to me last Friday evening and it was lovely; she referred to herself as my second mum! She really has been the most wonderful support whilst I've worked here, especially as when I first moved over I knew no one!
I've also heard Charlie sing 'Let it Go' every night in the car on the way home from the childminder! He's so funny as he only sings that line over and over!


Love Actually! I love Christmas films and this one is my absolute favourite. Tonight, for hubby's birthday we are getting Chinese and the four of us are settling down with The Polar Express, another absolute favourite. I also got given some bubbly from one of my students, so I shall be cracking that open to have whilst we watch it.


This week, it's been about Christmas jumpers and I have managed to wear three of them!


Errrm, not a lot! Honestly, we have eaten rubbish for tea every night this week. I just haven't had time to even think about what to cook, let alone cook it. I did 'make' my Christmas dinner list for Sunday. As we go away for Christmas, we are doing Christmas dinner with the step daughter on Sunday as she will be staying with her mother (not our choice of course though!). I have added brussel sprouts to my list as I had a Christmas dinner at school on Wednesday and tried them for the first time and loved them! So our Christmas dinner will be turkey, roasties, sprouts, carrot crush, sweetcorn (for the littlies), pigs in blankets, stuffing and cranberry sauce - yum! I can't wait and am literally drooling now.

And lastly, this year has been tough. Way tougher than I ever imagined. I'm surprised we're all still intact to be honest, but we are and we have lots to be thankful for. I am really looking forward to focusing on family for the next two weeks, to eating more turkey than my stomach can handle and drinking lots of yummy prosecco! Christmas is a time for family and I entire to spend my time with them, I can't wait to see Charlie's face when he opens his pressies on Christmas day, and of course I am hoping for a little something myself, which I know Santa *may* have obliged with (Santa being my mother of course). I love Christmas with my family and even though my Grandad won't be there, we'll still have a drink to him and remember him openly and merrily.

So, thank you for reading my blog this year and I wish you all a Happy Christmas with your families and see you next year.


  1. Oh so sorry to hear you have had a tough year I really hope 2015 all turns around for you and is a great year. I agree the news has been so devastating at such a happy time of year. I feel so sad when I hear about it. Glad you got so many amazing cards from your students. Happy Holidays #littleloves

  2. Hope that 2015is better for you and that you all have a great Christmas! Do you have a 4th jumper for the day ;) #littleloves

  3. Happy Christmas poppet. I hope that 2015 is a better and brighter one for you. Enjoy all the turkey dinners!! :) xx

  4. Merry Christmas lovely and I hope you have a wonderful time with your family. Hoping 2015 is a better year for you.
    O only ever sings the one line from Let It Go too! xxx