Sunday, October 12, 2014

Love The Little Things, Week 41

I'm back again, with #littleloves and as usual, linking up with butwhymummywhy.


I am currently reading Mothers Ruined on my kindle, written by the very talented Aimee, from Pass The Gin. It is very sharp and witty and I am loving it. Aimee has a very unique writing style and I loved her first novel, The Survival of The Ginnest.


The X Factor final 12! Sorry this is a cheesy one, but not managed to listen to much this week. I really like Stevie's song, even though he's not the best singer, he's a great entertainer and I loved Chloe Jasmine's song too.


Again, not done much TV watching either, but I did managed to watch Grease with the step-daughter this weekend!


My new jeans! I love these grey skinnies from Next. So comfy and just the right length in their petite version and a bargain at £20!


A good old G&T! This week has been hectic and needed the weekend to recharge and chill out and this was just the way to do it.

Short and sweet this week folks! Busy, busy making a roast and watching the F1! And drinking some wine of course...

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!


I love photographs. If you took a look around our house you would see that, I'm sure. Photographs are everywhere: we have a small photo wall in our living room and there are frames jotted around the house, on bookshelves, window sills, on the dresser and all over. I have in excess of four thousand photos on my iTunes and lately, I've started panicking that if my mac ever dies then I will have lost all my special photos. I really need to create a backup somewhere.

Anyway, I like to keep memories out, so that there's a reminder of events, special times, or people that are no longer with us all around us.

My Aunty bought Charlie a personalised my first year frame for his first birthday and it's really beautiful. But, since he got it, it's been sat under my bed waiting to be filled with photographs - one for each month of his first year. The reason it's been sat there so long is because the size of each frame is tiny - 4x4cm to be exact! And I couldn't think of the best way to get photos printed to that size.

So on Sunday, fed up of having the frame and not being able to enjoy it, I googled 4x4cm prints on the off chance of finding something. And find something I did! I came across Odd Prints. A fabulous website where you can upload your photograph and input the exact size you want your photograph to be and they will magically transform it to your required size - you can either download it or you can get them printed direct and sent out in the post. At first I chose download, but you can only download so many before it asks you to put the items in your basket - understandable of course, they are a business after all and they aren't expensive anyway - 50p per print, which, considering they are a bespoke size, I don't think are too expensive.  So I had the rest sent out in the post and wondered what they would be like when they arrived.

To say I was thrilled was an understatement. They arrived on Tuesday which, considering I only ordered them on Sunday and we live in the Isle of Man, I thought was pretty good service! They are the perfect size and come ready to cut on 6x4 photo paper. The only thing I didn't realise at the time is that they are Matt finish, rather than gloss, but I'm not that fussed. I don't know if you can choose gloss at the checkout or not, but I have some more to print in a different size so I will be checking for gloss.

I am really pleased with how the frame has now turned out, I think it's beautiful and a bit different to the average 'My first year' frames you often get.

I would definitely recommend Odd Prints if you have funny sized frames you need to fill. And I should say Odd Prints have not asked me to write this, I just wanted to share my wonderful find!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Love The Little Things Week 40

Gosh, it's a very long time since I joined in with this! So here is this week's #littleloves. As usual, I am linking up with butwhymummywhy.


The Light Between Oceans. M.L.Steadman

Oh my word. I have just finished the most amazing book, and I urge you all to read it. My mum bought it for me from Amazon and had it sent to me back in about May and I have been trying to read it since then. I won't ruin the story, but basically a light keeper and his wife live on a remote island, where they are the only inhabitants. One day, a boat is washed up containing a dead man and a crying baby. They have to decide what to do with the baby. The story had me in tears at the end and was one of those books that stayed with you for days after. It's beautifully written but so very, very sad.

When I googled this book, I came a across a site that says it has been turned into a movie - I absolutely cannot wait for that to come out!


As it's getting darker and cooler now in the evenings, I have noticed we are definitely watching a lot more TV in the evenings. This week, we've been catching up on The Dome on Channel 5. It's series 2 and based on Stephen King's novel. Whilst I'm still enjoying it, I feel like it needs to be brought to some sort of conclusion.


Oohh lots on my play list this week:

Calvin Harris - Blame

Sam Smith - I'm not the only one

George Ezra - Blame It On Me

The Script - Superheroes


Not wore this yet, but I will be on Saturday to nip into town. Again, my mum bought me this! She text me on Friday to say buy myself something nice and she will give me the money. She's so sweet.


This. Yum. Oh I love roast dinners. It was our first proper roast of Autumn and I treated us to pigs in blankets so it felt a bit like Christmas as we only ever really eat them at that time of year! Best roast in ages.

And finally, I am looking forward to this weekend: it's Spanish Saturday in our house, which means my favourite meal - paella and spanish wine yum! And the odd G&T thrown in.

Enjoy your weekend.