Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fat Face Autumnal Love

I said earlier in the week I would show you my Fat Face items. So here I am! 

As you might know, I am pregnant and up until the last couple of weeks or so, I wasn't really showing and could still get away with wearing my pre-maternity clothes. The belly has suddenly started to pop out a bit and I really don't want to spend money on actual maternity clothing as I think it's a bit of a waste; I'd rather spend the money on clothes I can wear all the time. 

Anyway, Fat Face emails kept popping up in my inbox, detailing the new 'must have' item. And in the end I just couldn't resist! I LOVE Fat Face. My Mum actually introduced me to the store when I went camping with them about seven years ago. At the time it was Summer and their clothing was very 'surfer' style. I liked them, but it wasn't really me at the time. 

Fat Face has certainly evolved since I first discovered them and I am not a Fat Face-aholic! (Don't tell the hubby) Their Autumn/Winter range is slowly coming on-line and there are some gorgeous items; tunics, knits and even tees. The colours are just me: pinks, navy and some lovely wine colours. Just right for the new season. 

So as we are approaching a new season and I needed a few key items to last throughout pregnancy and beyond, I popped a few 'key' items into my basket:

First up was the lovely 'Tania Full Bloom' tunic. I thought the name of the tunic was very fitting! And so I had to have it.
I also needed a couple of long sleeve tops that I could mix and match with things. Luckily they have an offer on their long sleeve tees at the minute, two for £36 so I managed to get two! 

The fabric of these tees is lovely; so so soft and snuggly. Perfect for with jeans and boots.

And then the pattern of this tunic caught my eye in an email they sent me. Sorry it looks a bit creased, I pulled it out of the ironing basket for the photo!

Unfortunately, I have now found a knitted tunic that I also want! But I think I've spent enough there for a few weeks, so I'll get the knitted one when the weather turns a bit cooler. 

I love Autumn and Winter, I actually prefer it to Summer! (sorry!), but I think that's because I prefer the clothes. I don't really like getting my skin out so I much prefer covering up in chunky tights or leggings with boots and knitwear. 


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