Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baby diary - 6 weeks

I know a lot of fellow bloggers are doing this and I don't want to be seen as 'jumping on the band wagon' but I really want to have something that charts my little boy's early days. So I'm not going to do it as a series of letters but more a diary style of major events and changes ans also less significant developments. 


I cannot believe my boy is six weeks old today. Time is definitely y flying and going too fast. I am already dreading going back to work and that's not until September!

The health visitor came last week and he weighed 8lb 9oz, so he has put a whole lb on since the midwife discharged us! She also said he was very alert and had great head control. 

He has started to sleep a lot less during the day unless I take him out in the pram or the car, but since he sleeps from 10.30pm ish until 4/5 i am not too concerned. He tends to wake up at this point for a short feed and then goes back to sleep until about 7ish. Although i often have to put him n with us as he can be a bit unsettled from this time in his basket. It's lovely to snuggle up to him in bed, he's so warm and snuggly and it seems to settle him. 

He then wakes up about 7-8 for another feed and then stays awake until about 10ish. Sometimes he will then have a three hour nap and sometimes he will just have an hour or so. This is the time i fly around trying o get jobs done, have a shower,m breakfast etc. I bought him a babygym so once he wakes up and has been fed I try and put him on this for a bit. He's not good at sitting on his own and much prefers to be in some one's arms! 

The rest of the day is still not in a routine really. We tend to nip out for a bit after lunch, so he might sleep. If not he can get a bit grizzly after lunch time. We have a withcing hour from about 7-10at night. Again sometimes, he will drop off for a nap between 8-10 and sometimes he won't. I take him up about 10.30 for a final feed and he goes to sleep about 11. His night routine seems to be much more established than his day routine, but since it means we are getting a decent sleep at night, I really don't mind. 

He seems to suffer from a  bit of wind or colic. I am going to speak to the health visitor next week as not sure which one it is. I think it's trapped wind as after a lot of trumping he seems much better! He scan scream the house down when it strikes and he goes purple screaming and straining. It's horrible to watch, but we have been using gripe water and lots of cuddles and eventually it goes away. 

Unfortunately, he seems to be a bit of a grazer and seems to snack all day. As I am breastfeeding this can be a bit difficult, but as he's still so young I am just going with it. I am trying to make him feed for longer, but often he drops off or stops himself. He seems to cluster feed all evening, again it's a bit of a pain, but I am just going with it and letting him establish his own pattern. 

He seems to be able to roll himself over already! Especially when he is on his play mat! He seems to be growing so quick, but he is still in newborn clothes at the moment, which I am pleased about as he was so tiny and I just want him to stay that way! He is so cute. 

Hopefully as he gets a bit older, he will grow out of the cluster feeding and the wind but we will see. We are enjoying lots of cuddles and walks and getting to know each other. 

We haven't yet met up with any other new mums, but we have lots of plans this week! 

mummystartingout x

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