Thursday, May 2, 2013

8 weeks as a Mummy - what I've learnt

1. That the first few weeks are as hard as people tell you they will be. Stupidly I thought "how bad can it be" haha I laugh in the face of my naivety now! Those first few weeks ARE tough, but they do pass and it gets better.

2. That just because baby naps between 10am and 1pm one day, does not mean he will do it again the next day. Or ever.

3. If you have a boy baby, always point his willy downwards when changing his nappy!

4. If you're breast feeding and don't use a boob for a few hours it will hurt! And go huge and very hard. I have willed Charlie to wake up a few times just for some relief!

5. That even if your baby sleeps quite well at night, you will still be tired. There is so much to throughout the day.

6. The washing bag or washing line/maiden will never ever be empty again! Babies go through a lot of clothes. Plus if you're using real nappies that's never ending too.

7. Baby poo looks like chicken korma.

8. You will miss your baby even if he is in the same room as you but in someone else's arms.

9. Nothing can prepare you for seeing how upset they are at their 8 week jabs.

10. That you cannot comprehend the love you have for this tiny little person. Even when they've woken up for the fourth time in the night for a feed, they are still the most precious thing in your life and nothing can prepare you for the love you will feel for them.

11. You will never have clean clothes or bedding. Babies can puke without any warning!

12. Sitting down for a cup of tea in peace will start to be classed as a luxury.

13. Getting out of the house takes 10 times longer. You think you've got everything/everyone ready and then the baby throws up/needs a clean nappy/change of clothes/needs feeding etc.

14. Despite saying 'Oh I'll never watch trash like Jeremy Kyle' you start watching it and look forward to it every day.

15. The first few weeks you will survive off  toast, tea, diet coke, water and haribo. Oh and a lot of chocolate. I couldn't stop eating giant cadbury buttons in the first few weeks!

It's still the best time of your life though and smiles like this make it all worthwhile.

mummystartingout x

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