Monday, January 13, 2014

Recipe book challenge 2014

One of the goals for 2014, that I forgot to include on my non-resolutions post, was to try and be a bit more creative in the kitchen. I can cook pretty well (or so I believe!), but our meal planning tends to revolve around the same things - curry, chilli, spag bol, casserole, risotto, lasagna, fajitas, Kiev's. So I'd like to try and expand my cooking and my cooking skills. I've made other stuff in the past, it just comes down to laziness and can't be bothered.
I've so many cook books and I do actually read most of them fairly frequently, but then tend to cook the same things out of them, rather than try different ones.

My favourite book, or actually the one I get the most use out of, is probably Jamie's Ministry Of Food. That book actually re-taught me some of the basics of cooking again. I tend to go to that one should I want a curry or check my lasagna recipe. But I don't want to be stuck with one book. I also want to try more sweet recipes, as I hardly ever bake anymore or indeed never make a pudding. Preferring to buy one.

So my cookbook challenge this year is to try a new recipe from the books each week. One will be a minimum, but if I manage more than that's even better! I'm always interested to what other people cook, so if you have a great recipe that you think I should try, then please link it up or tweet me with it (@lilamy84). I also used to join in with Mrs M's meal planning Monday, so I am going to start that again from this week, including my one new recipe too!

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