Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My dear boy Charlie, at 12 months old

So you are now one year old. Twelve whole months since you were born. Everyone says it and it's such a cliche, but where has the time gone?! It still feels like last week I was sat in the hospital desperate for you to make your appearance!

You are a proper little boy now, no longer a baby. I think you lost your baby ways the day you started walking. You are now so good at it and can toddle around with the rest of them! You have grown in strength and you hardly fall over now and when you do you don't have to hold on to anything to get back up.
You even walked outside for the first time this weekend. Just on the drive way, but it was clear you wanted to go off and explore and I had to pull you away from the bushes before you poked yourself in the eye!

You are still such a good eater and your favourite is definitely chicken curry and rice! You love a poppadom or a prawn cracker! We can't wean you off your mummy's milk though, god knows when you are going to get off that! You won't take a bottle and even though you are getting better at it, you still don't really like water out of your sippy cup. Despite the fact you still have no teeth, you manage to eat almost anything that is put in front of you.

You can now say 'mamma', 'dadda'  'hiya' and 'ta.' You say ta when people give you things and you make so much noise all the time, you are obviously practising and getting ready to talk! You also started waving bye bye at people, although you do it once they have left the room!

Unfortunately for mummy and daddy, you still don't really like sleep! You go to bed OK and you snuggle down next to Dumbo that your sister has let you borrow, as you took a shine to it. Then you sleep for a few hours, but wake around 1-3am and want to get in with us. It's so lovely to have your little warm body next to me that, actually (don't tell daddy), I quite like it and I have gotten used to it now. I have suggested that daddy can sleep in the spare room so that he gets some sleep as you like to kick him a lot!

You have started singing and dancing too! It started a few weeks ago when I read the book 'Old McDonald had a farm' to you and it plays the music. I kept pressing the music and then singing it to you and you sang it back to me! You now do it all the time! You also like to dance if some music comes on and the other day you sang along to Pharrell Williams' Happy! It was so cute, I have downloaded that song now so we can dance to it when ever you want.

You are still affectionate and getting even more so. When we say 'kiss' you give us all a kiss and sometimes you even do it of your own accord. You also come to us for hugs and cuddles, especially when you are tired. However, you scream the house down if we leave a room and you can't come with us!

Mummy and daddy are so proud of you and even though we get exasperated about the lack of sleep we are still getting, we love you so much and think you are a very special little boy. You are so clever and full of energy and life. You never sit still and so we can't understand why you're not keen on sleep!

Until next time, (in the style of Tess Daly) Keep Dancing!

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