Sunday, October 12, 2014


I love photographs. If you took a look around our house you would see that, I'm sure. Photographs are everywhere: we have a small photo wall in our living room and there are frames jotted around the house, on bookshelves, window sills, on the dresser and all over. I have in excess of four thousand photos on my iTunes and lately, I've started panicking that if my mac ever dies then I will have lost all my special photos. I really need to create a backup somewhere.

Anyway, I like to keep memories out, so that there's a reminder of events, special times, or people that are no longer with us all around us.

My Aunty bought Charlie a personalised my first year frame for his first birthday and it's really beautiful. But, since he got it, it's been sat under my bed waiting to be filled with photographs - one for each month of his first year. The reason it's been sat there so long is because the size of each frame is tiny - 4x4cm to be exact! And I couldn't think of the best way to get photos printed to that size.

So on Sunday, fed up of having the frame and not being able to enjoy it, I googled 4x4cm prints on the off chance of finding something. And find something I did! I came across Odd Prints. A fabulous website where you can upload your photograph and input the exact size you want your photograph to be and they will magically transform it to your required size - you can either download it or you can get them printed direct and sent out in the post. At first I chose download, but you can only download so many before it asks you to put the items in your basket - understandable of course, they are a business after all and they aren't expensive anyway - 50p per print, which, considering they are a bespoke size, I don't think are too expensive.  So I had the rest sent out in the post and wondered what they would be like when they arrived.

To say I was thrilled was an understatement. They arrived on Tuesday which, considering I only ordered them on Sunday and we live in the Isle of Man, I thought was pretty good service! They are the perfect size and come ready to cut on 6x4 photo paper. The only thing I didn't realise at the time is that they are Matt finish, rather than gloss, but I'm not that fussed. I don't know if you can choose gloss at the checkout or not, but I have some more to print in a different size so I will be checking for gloss.

I am really pleased with how the frame has now turned out, I think it's beautiful and a bit different to the average 'My first year' frames you often get.

I would definitely recommend Odd Prints if you have funny sized frames you need to fill. And I should say Odd Prints have not asked me to write this, I just wanted to share my wonderful find!


  1. Wow, thanks for the writeup, your photos look great.
    Just a few points: The download link only disappears when you have items in your basket. You can just empty your basket to make the link appear again or download them from the checkout page. It wasn't supposed to be a marketing thing, I just thought it was easier. :)
    Secondly, the photos are actually printed in a "lustre" finish which is halfway between gloss and matte. Gloss actually sticks to the glass in frames that don't have mounts which doesn't look great for most people.

    Thanks again for the blog post, it really helps such a little company like ours.

    1. Thanks for your reply Matt, really helpful. You're right - gloss does stick to glass and these 'lustre' ones are much better!