Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#Nextmaswishlist Competition

So, we certainly can't escape from it: It is definitely Christmas season. We put our tree up last night - please see my picture on instagram - I am stuck with the world's smallest Christmas tree! I've got used to it though now and I actually think it's quite sweet!

So with the Christmas season underway, I have started thinking about what I would like for Christmas. I have sorted out all the gifts I am buying for everyone else, but when I saw the competition Next are doing, asking bloggers to share their own Next Christmas Wish List, I thought I would think about me for a change and compile my own list. You never know, hubby 'may' read this and take a hint! Also, if I;m really lucky, Next might just gift me one of the items on my list too!

So here is my own #Nextmaswishlist. I've tried to put things on the list from different categories, as I don't just want clothes, I would like things for the home as well. I really, really love the bedding set; we've been in our house a year now and after Christmas I have plans for our bedroom and also a little office space on our landing! I also really like the nail varnish set - if you follow me on instagram, you'll see I love nail varnish and am often painting my nails. This set is packed full of really great colours and some really pretty Christmas colours too.

Fingers crossed Santa gets my list!

1. Fair Isle embroidery double bed set £30 2. Jewellery box £35  3. Black Leather Gloves £16 4. Red Heart Knit Snood £16 5. NYX Nail Polish set £20 6. Notebook and Pen Set £12 7. Heart and Star Mug set £7 8. Rustic Collage Frame £35 9. Pale Denim leggings £24 10. Navy Textured Layered Shirt £35

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