Sunday, August 16, 2015

My top Cath Kidston Autumn/Winter 2015 picks

I don't know about you, but I much prefer Autumn to Summer and Spring. Perhaps it's because I am a teacher and Autumn always marks a new start, a new academic year, new classes, new timetable, new stationery, new boots etc. I love the first chill in the air and getting candles lit on a snuggly, cold Saturday afternoon whilst curled up on the sofa. I also prefer Autumn clothes; I don't like strappy tops and shorts, they just don't do anything for me at all. I much prefer chunky tights, knee high boots and dresses, so half way through the Summer holidays I have started thinking about Autumn and the new school year. 

As you know, I  LOVE Cath Kidston. My love and indeed, obsession, has definitely grown over the past few years. I now own 6 dresses! I never used to even bother looking at the fashion section, but now I have to steer myself away from it as I want it all. I put about 10 items in my basket tonight but I decided to not buy for the sake of it and in the end I ended up buying something that wasn't in my original basket.

There are hundred, literally hundreds of new items for A/W 2015; I couldn't actually believe the amount of pages there was - I don't remember that many for S/S. I've decided to highlight what my favourites are and what *may* end up in our house over the next couple of months.... I've found though that if you love it, buy it straight away as things go out of stock so quick - for example I really wanted the Cowboy dress, but it's already gone in most sizes!

Anyway, here are my absolute favourites....
Posy drop waist dress £45

Penguin Lace Knickers £7

Bramley Sprig Nightwear Leggings £28

Billie Goes To Town dress £65

Squirrels Travel Purse £12

Woodland Rose cake stand £36

Sausage dog cup and saucer £16

Dino kids long sleeve t-shirt £15
Dino kids hoodie £24

Sausage Dogs kids backpack £28
Knitted Dinosaur £16

Billie Goes To Town set of 4 notebooks £12

Since starting to write this post I may have purchased a few of these items!! 

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  1. Awww! Such a cute and amazing list. I really loved it, and the one that was the most amazing was the knitted dinosaur.