Saturday, November 24, 2012

26 weeks and some baby shopping

So I am now 26 weeks! 14 weeks to go, can't actually believe how close it seems compared to when we actually found out!

Last week, however was not a good week. It all started well, I felt like I had hit a major milestone (24 weeks) and was feeling ok. I had a routine midwife appointment and everything was good, all measurements were good, heard the heartbeat etc.

Then it came to the consultant appointment. I have these as I have a history of high blood pressure and I have to be checked more often as in some cases high blood pressure can eventually lead to pre-ecylampisa. Anyway, after seeing the midwife the day before, I presumed everything would be fine again. I assumed wrong. The midwife was very concerned that my blood pressure was on the high side (FYI 129/94). Off she went to have a quiet word with the consultant. Read: speak very loudly in the room next door, separated by a paper thin wall, hence I heard everything she said. By the sound of it you'd have thought she had found lizard spit in my blood the way she was going on about it. She then produced the results of my urine sample and that had traces of protein in it. Again, having this can be a sign of the dreaded pre-eclympsia. So they were all in a right tis. The consultant came in and decided that this was too high to be left alone and being at an increased risk she was going to put me on medication to treat the high blood pressure. I wasn't too keen on this I have to admit. I have really tired to treat aches and pains and any illness, like colds etc, with natural remedies whilst pregnant. But she said it was necessary, as the further on you get in pregnancy, the higher blood pressure is likely to rise. Sigh. Anyway, not content with putting me on medication, she continued to flap a bit more, declaring I needed blood tests and a possible stay in the maternity ward whilst they monitor it!  Cue me frantically texting the hubby in a panic. I had (wrongly) assumed I was coming in for a routine appointment.

In the end, she decided that I could go home, rest and await the results of the blood tests. She told me someone would call by the end of the day. Phew. So I went. I rested. I waited. No phone call. Typical. So I rang the maternity ward. They said my blood results were fine, but were shocked I hadn't been asked to come back and have the blood pressure checked again. So I was told I had to go in first thing the following morning and have everything checked again. Which I did. Thankfully all these checks were fine, blood pressure still a bit high, but all other tests looked good. So I could go home. Come back in a week. Thankfully I went back on Thursday and everything was fine, blood pressure back to normal and they were happy enough. Although it does mean that I have to see the consultant now every two weeks instead of four!

So I remained at home for a whole week! Cue boredom and restlessness. I always like the idea of having time off work, but in reality, I always get bored and resort to internet shopping. And with another week until pay day this wasn't great timing.
Whilst I'm off, I always think of little things that need doing; washing all the baby's clothes, sorting out the kitchen cupboards, painting the bathroom ceiling etc (note: I haven't actually done any of these things, but I have wanted to!) I'm not sure if the nesting instinct has kicked in or something, but I just want to get things sorted. I am conscious that it's nearly Christmas and by the time it arrives I will be 31 weeks pregnant and after Christmas I doubt I am going to have the motivation or energy to traipse around town or sorting out the house. So I am trying to get everything done before Christmas. I am going to refrain from washing clothes until I go on maternity leave though. Or at least I'm going to try. I feel like, as much as I want to wash them now, all that will happen is once washed, they'll sit in a drawer until March and then will have lost the lovely clean, fresh smell.

Anyway, as I said, I've been sat at home with just the dog for company. And a broadband connection. So I have bought a few baby bits and bobs which I thought I would share with you.
As we are not entirely sure of the baby's gender, as it keeps being a mischievous monkey and won't show us it's bits properly, we have tried to stick with a neutral colour for the nursery. I found a lovely lemon range of coordinating items on the Mamas and Papas website, called Zeddy and Parsnip and it is fab. Really cute and while maybe bordering on the girly side, we like it and have gone with that for our theme.

So, whilst I've been off, I've  purchased the Zeddy and Parsnip cot mobile, the matching nappy stacker and the super cute comforter.

I was a bit concerned that baby had no cuddly items, hence the comforter, but then I saw the Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse. Can't tell you if this works yet, but it's supposed to send babies to sleep. And it's very cute.

I also purchased some more nappies. I mentioned in a previous post we have gone for Bambino Mio's two part nappy system and they recommend having 24 nappies to begin with.

So despite not getting out of the house for a whole week, it's been quite an expensive time! The last of my maternity wardrobe purchases also arrived, which I will post about soon. I have been really struggling with what to wear at work and these items will see me now for the next 8 weeks or so I have left at work.

 I really wanted to be able to make it to the Christmas light switch on on Thursday as well, which thankfully I did.  I love this event! There's always fake snow and Christmas carols and tunes and the panto characters also make an appearance. Yes, I'm aware it's really an event for children, but I love it. Normally we have the step-daughter, but this year it was just hubby and I, we made an evening of it and went for dinner too. This rarely happens. You can normally find us sat on the promenade in the car with fish and chips, so this was extra nice. It will also (hopefully) be the last year it's just us, so it makes it extra special.
On the way home we nipped to Tescos and there was a man on the door who invited us to the manager's office for drinks and nibbles and to showcase the new Christmas range they have in store - it was fab! Free drinks and yummy food! However my pregnant feet and hips had had enough by 9pm and I couldn't walk at all. I hobbled round for the remainder of the evening, much to the amusement of the hubby!

Also managed to pick up a yummy Costa Black Forest hot chocolate! Yummy!! Love their festive drinks this year... 

mummystartingout x

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