Friday, November 9, 2012

The good and bad of being pregnant

Now I'm really into the swing of being pregnant I thought I would list my top 10 best bits and top 10 worst bits.

I'll start with the worst:

1. Tiredness. This for me is the killer. I have a very busy and stressful job (teacher) and I don't have time to be tired! During the first trimester I found the tiredness pretty bad to cope with; I could barely function some days and at lunch time all I wanted to do was put my head on my desk and sleep. In the second trimester it has eased up a bit, but as I know to expect it to come back with a vengeance for the third!

2. Manky hair: I must have missed signing up for that elusive pregnancy 'glow.' My hair is dry, lank and greasy.

3. Ahem, err 'bowel' issues. I have IBS to begin with and haven't had a flare up for years. I hit 12 weeks exactly and bam! IBS came back, ten times worse than I have ever had it before. This carried on for four weeks. Four weeks of taking fibyogel, omaprozole, gaviscon tablets and indigestion liquid. Then, as quickly as it arrived, it went! Phew. Now, I just get odd days with a sore and uncomfortable belly and sometimes 'going' is a bit of a problem. But so far, I don't think I have had it too bad.

4. Not being able to wear jeans or tights or anything that sits snugly around my belly. This is causing me no end of problems every single day. It is uncomfortable and doesn't help point 3 as anything tight or even remotely tight gives me stomach ache. Today I have given up and given in to leggings at work. It's just tough!

5. Not being able to drink wine. If any of you know me from my former blog, you may remember lots of pictures incorporating wine! It's a killer not being able to drink. I love wine.

6. Not being able to eat brie or salami. I love these two on a lovely crusty roll. We always go to my parents for Christmas and she always gets massive packs of brie and salami in for me to have over the holidays. There will be none of this this year.

8. Maternity bras. Ugh they are horrible. I have not yet found one I like. However I have discovered the Hot Milk range, but they are pretty dear. I am saving buying one until nearer my due date so I can use it as a nursing one as well.

9. Maternity clothes in general. I must have ordered and sent back about 20 items the past two weeks. I can not find anything that I like or that fits.

10. Knowing my body will probably never ever be the same. I am prepared for stretch marks, although I am smothering bump in bio oil every day. But I am aware that your body changes and doesn't often go back.

The best bits:

1. People asking how you are feeling all the time. It makes you feel special. I am aware that once the baby arrives, they will be more concerned with him than me. But that's ok.

2. The first scan. A magical moment. Much better than the anomaly scan (partly as I got a witch doing that scan and she was a misery) as there was more time to look at things and it was the first time I had ever seen my baby.

3. Feeling baby kicks. These started out as little flutters and then popping and then what I felt were little movements. I am now feeling definite kicks - often when I am led in the bath I can see my belly move with the force of his kicks! His Daddy will probably be very pleased as he may be a potential footballer...

4. Being able to eat everything! I have a bit appetite at best, but I now feel less guilty from guzzling loads done throughout the day.  I am aware that you only need 200 calories and that's only in the third trimester.

5. Getting away with doing very little at the weekends. i.e. less cleaning, no ironing, making hubby peel potatoes for the roast etc.

6. Buying lots of yummy beauty products because I can no longer buy clothes.

7. Buying baby clothes. They are the cutest things. Lovely little baby grows and mittens, hats and socks.  Lovely.

8. Going to bed at 7pm without feeling guilty.

9. Knowing that you have created a life and thinking it is the most amazing thing you will ever do.

10. Choosing names. We know what we are going to call this little one (name to be revealed later).  We have kept traditional and kept his name in the family after my husband and his grandfather.

So there you have it. The good bits definitely outweigh the bad but there are times when I just want to curl up and sleep and wake up at 39 weeks.

What are your best and worst bits about pregnancy?

mummystartingout x

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