Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Week #2

Welcome back to week two of  'Our Week.' This one probably has to be the most boring one ever! sorry! But like I said last week, please bear with me, I endeavour to make them more exciting very soon!

Monday was back to work. Ugh. It was certainly a shock to the system after four weeks off, especially getting up in the dark and arriving home in the dark! To compensate I made my favourite dish for tea - yummy risotto. The hubby isn't keen but I love it, probably a bit too much and tend to eat far too much of it as well. The first day back to work also coincided with my mac dying :( Now, I love my mac and for that matter, my iPhone. I was lost without it for the 24 hours or so it took to fix it. The lovely IT man at school managed to reinstall the operating system on it, but it meant that I lost all my photos that I had put on it, these included all my blogging ones. I thought as they were backed up to icloud I would be able to get them all back, but it turns out it's only the last 30 days worth! arghhhh! Anyway, it's fixed and back in my hands, but I feel like I am starting again with it.
I also had a physio appointment at lunch time so I managed to nip out and have a quick shopping fix! I picked up a bargain pair of shoes from New Look for £4!

Tuesday, again spent at work. My timetable has been reduced as I only have a few weeks left before maternity leave starts, so I don't have as much to do anymore. In a way that's good, work are being super supportive and helpful, but I think it could get a bit boring if I don't start to focus a bit more. I have a few things that I must do before I leave and yet I keep putting them off!

Wednesday, again more work. That was it.

Thursday - yet more work.

Friday was a work day and then it was time to come home and get ready for date night with the hubby! Our local pub, which is actually a good 10 minute drive to, are having a Sausage festival throughout January. You get three sausages for £8 with mash and onion gravy and I thought that was pretty cheap. In my haste to guzzle the sausages down, I forgot to take a picture, but they were yummy! I chose pork, leek and Stilton, which was my favourite and pork, honey and mustard. I also had to choose a third one, but that one I assigned to the hubby as I knew I would not be able to manage three, so he chose wild boar, which he said was yummy too! I was able to wear my new dress and bargain shoes from Monday, even though it was below freezing when we went out!

Saturday we had a massive lie in; it was gone 11am when I finally got up! I mustered up some energy and cleaned the house before nipping out to a lovely little independent mill shopping centre 5 minutes down the road. It was primarily to meet the step-daughter to pick her up and bring her to ours for the night, but they also have a lovely woman's range there that includes The White Stuff, which I seem to have an obsession with at the minute, They also sell Cath Kidston handbags! But I managed to resist as I am trying to be good, what with a baby expected in less than 7 weeks...
After that, we came home and I made a curry for tea and the step-daughter made us watch Take Me Out.

Today, I got up earlier than yesterday and nipped to town. I have been after a red cardigan for absolutely ages and haven't been able to find one. Just a basic one, to brighten up black tops etc. I managed to find one in Peacocks for £12 which I thought was quite good. But I don't like the buttons, so I have some Cath Kidston red heart shaped ones that I am going to sew on to the cardigan instead. I also picked up a top in Next with a voucher I got for Christmas. I'll try and blog it soon, but I may save it for after the baby arrives so I have something new to wear.
I then came home, made a cottage pie and am now curled up on the sofa, drinking my new favourite drink, apple and spiced ginger juice from Cawston Press, whilst the hubby watches yet another football match!

And that was my week!

mummystartingout x


  1. You're looking good in your photo for only 7 weeks to go. Sounds like a good week - you need to do all the things you enjoy and get as many sleep ins as you can. Can't wait to see the cardigan when it's got its new buttons on - what a brilliant idea, Avril x

    1. Ah thanks Avril! It's weird but I now weigh 2kg less than I did at my booking in appointment! It's probably down to no wine!
      Hope you're well x