Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Week #3

So I'm trying desperately to make a very dull week sounds interesting...

Monday - I was at work for most of it, but I also had to make a little hospital trip because of reduced movements with bump. After two hours of being hooked up to the CTG machine, it turns out all is well. Perhaps I am just rubbish at spotting when he moves. He is also a lot bigger now and has less room to move, which I was aware of anyway, but when I rang for advice, they still told me to go in and get checked.

Tuesday and Wednesday were just normal work days, very boring but my new Joe Browns dress arrived, which was the most exciting part of the week!

Thursday - Was again another work day, but it was enhanced with a lot of excitement regarding the impending arrival of snow! As you might know, we live on the Isle of Man. It's a very quiet place outside of the main town Douglas and where we live is quite remote and secluded. So we hot footed it to Tesco after work to stock up a little for the weekend as we knew, chances were, we could be stuck there until Monday. As it turns out, it started snowing at 7.30am Friday morning....

Friday - Snow arrived at 7.30. I had had a very restless night and wasn't feeling great and had already told work I wouldn't be in. Hubby packed himself a little bag of essential supplies (he is diabetic) and set off to work. I sat and watched the snow start to stick and then build up and at 12.30 the police decided to shut our road so I rang hubby and told him. He decided it would be better to try and get home if he could, so hubby arrived home a bit early. The step daughter arrived and we all curled up and I made a yummy, comforting sausage casserole. The snow continued to fall and we were well and truly stuck in!

Saturday - The snow had definitely stuck and we were snowed in. The road was still shut as were the roads around us. So we all got dressed into warm clothes and a snow suit for the step daughter and we went sledging! (Obviously I didn't! I stood and took pics) It was bitterly cold and we didn't really manage long. So we came back, built a large snowman and then went in for hot chocolate to warm up! I made the step daughter's favourite tea, goulash and we snuggled on the sofa for most of the afternoon.

Sunday - I was starting to get cabin fever by this morning. The roads were now open and we had to go out anyway, as unexpectedly we are having the step daughter for a few more nights and we had to go and get her uniform and school stuff from her mums, so we also nipped to M&S. I bought a lovely dress, although completely unsuitable for today's weather, and got a few food bits and then we came back and it started to snow again! So I spent the afternoon making Jamie Oliver's 'Epic Roast Chicken Salad.' However, I've learnt (again) always to read the recipe to the end before starting. I was supposed to use the juices of the cooked chicken and instead I washed the roasting dish! But it was still yummy and nice for a change from the usual roast dinner.

mummystartingout x

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