Friday, June 20, 2014

Love The Little Things, Week 25

Here we are again! I am definitely on the count down to 4 weeks today as we break up for Summer! As always, I am linking up with butwhymummywhy. So, here our my #littleloves this week...


I went back to the library last weekend and picked up two books, All The Single Ladies, by Jane Costello. I've read all her books and hadn't realised she had done a new one. I also picked up Another Woman's Husband by Sarah Duncan. This looks really interesting and I always love books where people have affairs! No idea why though.


One Born Every Minute is back! The step-daughter and I love this programme. She's only 9, but she thinks it's fab. I also think it's good for her to see how babies get into the world, I hope it will put her off having one until she's much older!


Current tracks on my playlist: I am loving this track right now, it's so summery and up-beat.

George Ezra, Budapest

Arctic Monkeys, Snap Out Of It

Paolo Nutini, Let Me Down Easy 


Ugh, hating this one this week unfortunately. It has been so, so hot here this week. Trying to teach teenage boys how to use adverbs in their writing is testing at the best of times, so add to that the intense heat in my classroom and we've not had a good week. Made worse, because I realised I have no summer clothes! Well, I have a pair of shorts, just one, but I can't wear those for school. I also don't really like getting my legs out, especially in school. However, on Wednesday it had to be done and I braved a dress without tights or leggings. The point in this though, is my shopping account came to the rescue (it's the week before pay day so no funds for dresses and skirts!), and I have chosen a few new items for Summer. I've managed to get a maxi dress and a maxi skirt and a little tunic that will be ok to wear with leggings. I'm sure now the weather will turn cold again and I won't need them! I will do a little feature once they arrive. 


This is the one I'm most useless at! I make loads of yummy dinners, but keep forgetting to take any pictures! However, I have, along with my step daughter, succumbed to the loom band craze and I am currently in the progress of making one! I will share on Instagram when compete, so be sure to follow me there!

And lastly.... I am so pleased it's warm at the minute. It seems to put everyone in a good mood. I'm loving coming home from work and sitting in the garden with a glass of something chilled while Charlie runs about and plays on his slide. He has just learnt to climb the steps all by himself, proud mummy alert! He gets braver and braver and I am sure he's in competition with himself to do it faster and faster and scare the life out of me! He's learning and growing so fast now. He won't let anyone feed him now, he has to do it himself. Cue eating risotto with his hands and picking up each individual grain of rice individually. This weekend, we have lazy plans - a BBQ, a day at the park, where there is a little water park for the children and of course watching lots of football.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


  1. Ah, Amy loving the Paulo Nutini this week! I treated myself to a few summery bits of clothing lately too - I always like the idea of a maxi-dress but I'm never sure if they will suit me and they just feel a bit *too* limited to very hot summer days (which are a bit few and far between). Having said that I guess they last for years and years if you only get a few wears out of them each year! I'll be interested to see your choices. Charlie is cute and this reminds me of last Friday as I had an afternoon alone with my two in our back garden with the two of them shooting down our Little Tikes slide straight into the paddling pool - they loved it and it was fun to watch! Happy Weekend! X #LittleLoves

  2. Loving all your music choices, great taste ;-)
    I'm suffering from a serious lack of summery clothes too. Think I'll be heading to ASOS now it's back up and running so I can get some shorts.
    Enjoy the rest of the week xx