Monday, June 9, 2014

My love of stationery

Not been around much lately! Sorry about that, but hubby has been so busy with working etc, that I have been looking after Charlie on my own a lot!

Anyway, I thought I would quickly share my new pencil case with you all...

I came across an online stationery shop called Sticker Stack on Instagram recently and it wasn't long before I was lusting after pretty pens and pencils and lovely note books. The online shop is based in the UK but with their products being sourced from East Asia. I always think Japan have some lovely little stationery items, but could never seem to source them myself. Well Sticker Stack have done that for us!

I love pencil cases. I have about five of them, each for different types of pens. I know, I am that sad. But I am a teacher after all. I wanted a new one, for my basic set of stationery and I used Sticker Stack to get my latest one. I went for a design called the Ghost Pencil Pouch. It looked really unique and individual and I know that there won't be five students in each of my classes with the same one!

When it arrived I was more than impressed with the quality and how cute it is. There are four separate compartments and from the picture you can see I have packed quite a few things in it and it still fastens! I even carry my little projector dongle in it. It was £17.50 and I certainly think it was worth the money. Moreover, inside my order was a little mobile device screen cleaner as a little freebie.

I now have my eye on these pencil toppers. All my pencil cases eventually get ruined with pencil marks - but with these pencil 'lids' I am pretty sure that won't happen anymore. These stickers look funky too and would be great for using in my planner.  I also quite fancy these two way pens . These three items are in my virtual basket just waiting for payday!

I should say, that Sticker Stack have not asked me to write about their lovely products, nor indeed did I receive anything for free! I just wanted to share my lovely new stationery.

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