Thursday, July 24, 2014

Charlie's view

Hi, I'm Charlie. Mummy talks about me a lot on here, but she thought it was about time you got to know me better. Mummy asked me a few questions about some of my favourite things and here are my answers:

Favourite food

Boobies, hehe, sorry mummy says I am getting too old for these, but I only really have them just before bed, And sometimes if I can't sleep through the day or I get really, really upset or hurt myself. I know where they are now so I can lift her top if I am feeling cheeky, and point to them! I also like kinder bars, they are really sweet and milky. I also really like carrot and potato mash with baked beans, that's probably my best tea in the whole world.

Least favourite food

I do not like raspberries or strawberries, yuck, I always make a funny face if Mummy makes me eat one. Why are they so mushy? They make my face do a funny thing with the flavour.

Favourite toy

I love Blackburn Bear for bedtime (He is mummy's bear that her mum and dad bought her and he wears a dressing gown in Blackburn Rovers colours, so I think that's why he's called Blackburn Bear). He is really soft and snuggly. My favourite toy for during the day is my car. If you press it down it goes really fast. I'm glad mummy and daddy have wooden floors as it goes extra fast on them.

Least favourite toy

I do like all my toys, but I think I am now too old for Sophie the giraffe. She was really good to me when I had sore teeth, although I didn't really use her like Mummy wanted me to. But if my teeth hurt now I just have a little cry and go for a cuddle. I don't need a giraffe anymore.

Best friend

My best friend is my friend Finlo. He was born three weeks after me. His Mummy is called Alice and my Mummy and her are really good friends. Finlo comes to play sometimes and I try to share my toys and I am getting good at it Mummy says. I like to climb on Finlo though and Mummy tells me off. I don't know why, Finlo doesn't mind. Finlo's Mummy has just had a new baby (I got to hold him like a big boy) and I keep seeing Mummy disappear with bags of my clothes and old toys, so I think she may be taking them to Finlo's little brother. I don't mind though.

Favorite TV programme

Mummy says when I was tiny I loved Baby TV, especially Charlie and the Numbers, which is funny because I am called Charlie. It's not my favourite though. Mummy put In The Night Garden on the other day on her Kindle whilst she was trying to work, and now that's my favourite program. Mummy had a catalogue on the table the other day with lots of toys in and I really want an Iggle Piggle toy of my own for Christmas.


Mummy says I am not good at going to bed. I think she gets very frustrated. But I like being with my Mummy and Daddy and when they put me to bed, they leave me and I want to be with them, so I wake up and cry a lot. Daddy decided to put my mattress by the side of his bed and I am happier here. I know Mummy and Daddy are there then if I wake in the night and I can just climb up on to their bed. I think Mummy said I had been sleeping longer the other day, I'm hoping she isn't going to make Daddy put my mattress back in the cot. I will sleep in my own bed soon, when I am ready. Just not yet.

Me snuggling Blackburn Bear 


I love the bath! I always have a bath with Daddy, he is really good at doing baths. He splashes me and plays fishes with me and lets me lie on his knees. He is really good at washing my hair and never gets shampoo in it. Mummy does though, she is rubbish at bath time and always gets suds in my eyes.

Trips out 

I really really like going to the park as I like to run around the grass. We do have a garden with lots of grass but I much prefer to run around in the park. I also like to go to Dragon's Castle and The Fun Factory which are both soft play centres. Mummy normally leaves these activities to the childminder, I don't know why. But as she is off with me now for 6 weeks, maybe she will take me. I hope so.

My family

I love my big sister, Aalish. She isn't always here, I don't know why. But when she is, she plays with me and cuddles me and she always shares her Mars Mix with me. She bites them first to make sure they are soft and then she gives it to me. She is very thoughtful. I also love my Granny and Grandpa, who I see on the laptop a lot. I don't get to cuddle them very much, which makes me sad, as they live in England and apparently I live in the Isle of Man and Mummy says you have to get a boat or a plane to get to their house. Mummy says we are going to see them next week and stay in something called a Caravan. I don't know what this is, but it sounds fun!
I also have a Great Granny, she is very old and has funny white hair and when I talk to her she always says "I had one of them and the wheel fell off.' I have no idea what she's talking about but I giggle anyway, just to make her feel like I know what she means. I have a Great Grandpa too. He doesn't talk a lot or say much, but he gives massive bear hugs. Mummy says he is poorly now and we may have to get on a plane any minute to go and see him.

What I am looking forward to

Mummy says that next week we are going on holiday, I don't really know what this means, but I know that we are leaving our house and going to stay somewhere else. She says it will be really exciting and I will get to play on the beach and in the swimming pool and she says there is a place that has lots of rides for me to go on. She also said there is a train I can go on, I really like trains. I watch Thomas The Tank Engine quite a bit so I hope it looks like that. I am excited to go on a big boat to get there too, although Mummy said to Daddy I am going to be a nightmare on the boat for 4 hours. 

Bye for now,
Love Charlie x

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