Friday, July 18, 2014

Love The Little Things, Week 29

Yes!! It's the Summer holidays! 6 whole weeks of freedom and time spent with my boy. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

Anyway, here are my #littleloves this week.


All I've read this week is lots of teaching websites! I have been madly planning for September


We watched the World Cup Final last weekend. Hubby and I decided to support Germany - he had them down to win in a competition at work and one of my best friends is German! So we made flags to wave around in support.


Really loving Ella Henderson's Ghost this week.

This is an old one, but I still love it. Kasabian, Goodbye Kiss. 

Another old one, but one of my favourites, it reminds me of a very, very dear friend - David Grey, This Year's Love. 


My face has been very oily lately, so I took the Body Shop's skin consultation and this is what it recommended. So I've been wearing this on my face this week and so far so good! I got the clarifying night treatment, the pore minimiser and the daily cleansing face wash. I have to say the scent was a bit different to what I am used to, but it's grown on me and I really like it now. It's very fresh. 

This week I have also been wearing my new bracelet, from Jo's Arm Candy. I saw Avril's bracelet on her blog and really wanted one! It's so pretty. 


Hmm, nothing of note here! I did make the dish below though, but I can't really say I made it! It's Tesco Southern Fried Chicken steak, Uncle Ben's Mexican rice and a big salad. Not exactly Michelin star, but bloody yummy! 

And finally, it's the Summer hols! wooop!! So excited! Going to spend this next week relaxing and getting the house straight and then we're off to Hoseasons! 


  1. I'm super excited for the summer hols too. We've got until Tuesday to get through yet though.
    Love a bit of Kasabian, really enjoyed listening to that track while I read your post, great choice xx

  2. Ah, love a bit of David Gray! That is the Body Shop stuff for my skin type too and I've had some and really liked it too. Go Germany!! Happy weekend X #LittleLoves

  3. I had Germany in the office sweepstake too so we will be enjoying our date night tomorrow on the winnings!

  4. Those pictures of little Charlie waving the German flags are very cute. I hope you were all happy with the result! I also hope that you get to read something more exciting then teaching websites this week. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #littleloves