Sunday, January 4, 2015

The first #LittleLoves of January 2015

First of all, happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas. Ours was just what we needed: plenty of food; family time and of course a few wines! It was lovely to see Charlie actually open his presents and, whilst he didn't understand the whole Christmas thing, he certainly enjoyed all the cars he got!

So #LittleLoves is back and as usual I am linking up with Morgana from


I managed to sneak in an early Christmas present for myself in the shape of Jamie Oliver's comfort food. I've heard people rave about the insanity burger so definitely going to give that a go, but there are just some gorgeous looking dishes in there, I can't wait to get started.


Charlie discovered Cars over Christmas, so with some of his Christmas money I got him Cars 1 and 2 on DVDS, a choice I'm beginning to regret now! We also managed Still Open All Hours, Downton Abbey and lots of films that I can't even remember now!


I haven't managed to photograph anything I've worn this Christmas, besides this beautiful scarf that my Aunty and Uncle got me as a present. I love it, it's huge and snuggly and when we were on the ferry I actually used it as a blanket over my knees! Other than that, I've been getting comfy in Christmas PJs and fluffy socks.


As we spent all of Christmas at my parents' house, I made very little. However this weekend, when we got back, I did make Paella (recipe here). It's the step-daughter's favourite and made a nice change to turkey and roast dinners. 

And lastly, these two weeks have absolutely flown by, but in a good way. We have spent lots of time with the family, which was what I wanted and managed to chill a bit. It has been busy, but we've had a few days to laze around, and we even went out and bought a new sofa, which arrives on Tuesday! I have been waiting two years for a new sofa, so you can imagine how I excited I am. I will share pictures next week! The run up to Christmas was really special this year as Charlie, whilst not understanding what it was all about, was able to join in the fun more and Christmas morning with my parents was wonderful as they got to see him open his presents. I start a new job on Monday, so today is going to be about preparing for that, with a roast dinner and a walk to the park thrown in somewhere. 


  1. Ooh let me know how you get on with the Jamie Oliver cookbook, I watched a bit of the series on TV and that burger was to die for! xx

  2. Happy new job! I hope that it went well x #littleloves

  3. Your paella looks lovely, I think you get to the point where you want something as far removed from turkey dinners as you can possibly get!
    Hope the new job is going well!
    Jo (Not A Frumpy Mum) xx

  4. Ooooh I love Jamie Oliver! Love the look of the paella x