Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nails of the week: Collection 2000 Bedazzled nail polish in Love Jewel

I think I stopped using Collection 2000 stuff when I was about 15; I moved on to more sophisticated territory and started buying No17 (sense the sarcasm). But recently, a lot of beauty bloggers have been raving about the recently relaunched brand, named just Collection now, and say there stuff is just as good as some of the more expensive ones. I recently bought the concealer on a blogger recommendation and it actually is really good; much more effective than some of the dearer concealers I have used and really does cover up the big black bags under my eyes at the minute (this little monkey likes to wake me up often in the night kicking!).

So I was in Boots the other day and was wandering around looking at nail varnish. My favourite past time. I love nail varnish and love painting my nails, particularly to match an outfit. As I wandered past the Collection stand I saw they had an offer of a free glittery nail varnish if you spent more than £4.99. I had a look and couldn't really find anything else I wanted, but this nail varnish was only £2.99 anyway, so I bought it regardless. The range is called Bedazzled and they had a few different colours. I chose as it has a purpley tinge to it and thought it would look nice over the top of a black nail varnish. I actually put it over an MUA nail varnish, a purple shade, imaginatively called 'Deepest Purple.'  I don't think it would look good just on its own as it might be a bit weak and I don't really like just wearing glittery varnish on its own.

Here it is on my nails (without flash)

Here it is again (with flash) 

This picture really doesn't do it justice at all. I really liked it and loved how it sparkled. It's just right for the Christmas season coming up! I have my eye on one of the other shades, Razzle Dazzle, which I think would be another great one for Christmas and I think it will look really effective with the dress I just bought to wear on Christmas Day, which you can see here, as it's more of a blue shade.

mummystartingout x

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