Saturday, February 16, 2013

Alcohol and Pregnancy

If you ever followed me on instagram or Twitter last year, you might remember lots of pictures of wine...! I do like wine. And I always said I didn't know how pregnant women gave up alcohol for nine months when pregnant (or in my case, just wine, I could live without any other alcohol really, I'm not an alcoholic!).

So when Wriggly Rascals asked me to write a guest post for their website about alcohol and pregnancy, it gave me some time to think about my attitude towards alcohol now that I actually am pregnant. You can view my post by clicking here. I have definitely found giving up alcohol easier in pregnancy than I thought, perhaps it's the fact that I want to keep my baby safe. It's often a touchy subject and there is a lot of conflicting advice out there as well, especially with regards to what's 'safe' and what isn't.  It would be really great if we could get other womens' opinions on this topic as well and how other women have dealt with it, so please pop along and complete the short survey about your own views of alcohol and pregnancy by clicking here.

I only recently discovered the website Wriggly Rascals and I'm so glad I did. I had been searching for practical, useful and informative advice about parenting and pregnancy and their website fits the bill! It was set up by Shona and Mike, who found that, during pregnancy, Shona particularly, had so many questions and found all the vague and useless information that's out there, frustrating. So she decided to set up a website where parents and parents to be could go for practical and useful tried and tested information. The site now features guest posts for pregnant mums and indeed parents on a massive range of topics, such as alcohol in pregnancy like I wrote about, but other issues that we often think about such as baby development and how to cope as a single parent.

Their website is fab! You must pop along and have a look around and don't forget to follow them on Twitter  and Facebook.

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