Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Dotcomgiftshop wish list

With my birthday coming up next week, I thought I'd put together a little list of some things I have my eye on from the Dotcomgiftshop website, just in case the hubby sees, haha!

I love home wear stuff. I don't know when it began, but I think I do have a slight obsession with goodies for the home. I'm always on the look out for little candle holders or trinkets etc. I have also been searching for cushions for our strange coloured sofa for ages. It's like a burgundy red leather colour. Sounds rank, but I assure you it's not. It's lovely and was gifted to us from my aunt and uncle. But I just can't seem to find decent cushions to match it. Until I saw the ones below!

I came across the Dotcomgiftshop online store about two years ago, not long after hubby and I moved into our little cottage that we live in now. We rent and therefore we can't do anything too dramatic to the cottage, but we can make it home with 'things.' I have to admit, I have only ever bought something from the website once because we live on the Isle of Man and they used to charge £9.95 delivery, which I just couldn't justify paying. However, I still popped on to their website, almost daily (haha) and that's how I discovered they have reduced their delivery costs to £2.95- yey! This is much more affordable. So I started pottering my way through their website and came across the following lovelies that are definitely on my wish list!

First of all, as I said above I have been looking for cushions for our sofa. I don't want anything too modern as that theme just wouldn't fit with the style of our house: it's a very old style farmhouse cottage, so whenever I do buy things for the home, I try and ensure they fit this theme. Anything too modern just looks a bit silly. So when I came across these cushions, I knew that they would be perfect!

Patchwork hippy Love cushion £9.95

Patchwork hearts cushion £9.95

Patchwork songbirds cushion £9.95
Next, I came across this fabulous cake stand on Charlotte's blog, Write Like No One's Watching and loved it! However, I would like to use it to store nail varnish and perfume in in my bedroom! 

Vintage cream 3 tier cake stand £8.95

I found this little trinket jar that looks so so cute. But again, I think I would put it in my bedroom for earrings and rings etc. I think it's a bargain! 

Strawberry trinket jar £2.95 

Recently, our kitchen seems to have developed a red theme. No idea why. It started out with a red washing up bowl, as I was sick of the horrible regular grey ones you can find. So I bought a red one. Since then, I have a thing about red and these I thought would look fab in our kitchen!

Red kitchen scales £19.95

Three tier red and cream cake tins £34.95
I love hanging wall signs and Dotcomgiftshop do some fab ones. I particularly like these and I would  hang them in our kitchen. 

Hanging wall sign £4.95

Hanging wall sign £4.95

I also love coloured glass and think these would look fab on our kitchen window sill either with candles or little flowers in! 

Set of 4 hanging jam jar tea light holder £7.95

I came across these little retro milk bottles as well, again I though they would look fab with flowers in, perhaps little daffodils for spring! 

Traditional school milk bottle £2.95

Finally, as it's coming up to Easter I was having a look at their Easter decorations. They always have bargain decorations on their website and these for £1 each, are fab ways of decorating the house cheaply for Easter! (heheh excuse the pun there!)

Easter chick hanging decorations, set of 2, £1

Hanging Easter chick decoration £1

Hanging metal rabbit £1
Easter bunny hanging garland £1

My maternity pay doesn't allow me to stretch to everything on this list, unfortunately! But I shall be adding some of the items to my basket and hoping the birthday fairies are very kind! 

mummystartingout x


  1. You have good taste! I have the little trinket box and milk bottle too! And I bought the cake stand for that exact purpose but now I can't bear to move it off my Welsh dresser. Great minds. I hope the the hubby treats you! xxx

    1. Hahah thanks! I love the website, it's ace isn't it?!

      So do I! xx