Thursday, February 21, 2013

What to pack in a hospital bag

In reality I actually had no idea what to pack in my hospital bag. It was though, something that I looked forward to doing from around 20 weeks and I was itching to do it for ages. However, I resisted, not wanting to tempt fate or anything and I finally managed to complete it last week. Since then, I've remembered a few little extra bits that I've thrown in, but they weren't necessarily the essentials. I think I've done pretty well but by all means, please suggest anything you think I might have missed that's important!

For research purposes I have read A LOT of blogs lately on what people packed in their hospital bags and I think I've got it about right. I hope so anyway! We live on an island so if I have forgotten anything, hubby won't be that long nipping home to get it for me haha!

So here is what I have packed....

Button front nightie
Nightshirt and leggings (to wear after birth)
Black tracky bottoms
Black vest
Black loose top
5 pairs of old knickers which I intend to throw away after
2 pairs of disposable knickers (just in case! Although, I really don't want to use these)
2 pairs of socks (I've heard that your feet can get very cold in labour?)
Black Belvia bra
Bikini (I really want to use the birthing pool, but that all depends on my blood pressure on the day)
2 towels

Headphones (to go with my iphone for music)
Paperback book

In my toiletry bag there is:

Mini shampoo and conditioner
Fragrance free shower gel
Dry shampoo
2 hair bobbles
2 hair clips
Bio Oil
Sachets of Palmer's body butter
Mini toothpaste
Lansinoh nipple cream

I got sent a little package in the post from Aptamil which had a free sample of bubble bath in it from a lovely little website called Boo Boo, who have now changed their name to Love Boo. They specialise in lovely products for mums to be and new mummies and also babies. The bubble bath was yummy and it felt like I was having a treat when I used it. I was having a look at their website the other day and I really fancy popping their Super Stretchy Miracle Oil into my hospital bag! My tummy has gone really dry lately as it is so stretched and this sounds lovely to slather on after birth.

Food bag -
4 x lucozade sports drinks
Box of cereal bars
Multipack of mini Cheddars
4 x packs of Dextrose (these are also for hubby)
Bag of haribo!
Pack of biscuits (again, these are for hubby as he needs something in case his blood sugar drops as he is diabetic)

As yet, I don't have a nursing bra, which is starting to put me on edge now. I like to be organised. It's not for lack of trying, I just haven't been able to find one I like. However, a couple of blogs I've read have mentioned the  Carriwell Seamless drop cup nursing bras. The other day I was reading A Mummy's View Friday Favourite blog post and she was reviewing the very same bra from a website called Boobie Milk. She said it was great and would really recommend it. Boobie Milk is a nursing and maternity underwear online shop run by a lovely sounding lady called Karen, who, if you live in the West Kent area, will come out and measure and fit you for a bra! This sounds fab - I would love someone to come to my home and measure me properly. However, since I live on the Isle of Man, I doubt Karen is going to trek over here on the ferry just to measure me! So, I will have to do it myself. However, Karen is very thoughtful and she gives very clear instructions on the website on how to go about measuring yourself, so with the help of hubby that is tomorrow's task! She also offers free returns, just in case you measure yourself wrong or the item doesn't fit right etc. I have struggled to find a nursing bra that I like:  M&S seem to have a good range but they are all a bit frumpy looking for me. I had a look in Mothercare as well and their range didn't seem very supportive and a bit flimsy. Quite a few people have suggested the Carriwell nursing bra and I am very tempted to buy it from Boobie Milk. It gets really good reviews and looks a bit more modern and funky than the boring cotton ones on the high street. I want to feel like myself still and just because I am breastfeeding, doesn't mean I can't feel good about myself!  They seem to have an offer on at the minute that you can get the hipster briefs in the same colour with the bra for £25!

If you haven't done so already, you really should pop along to A Mummy's View blog and catch up on her posts. She has very recently had a baby and her blog is all about being a mummy and being pregnant. It's a lovely read and I spent a couple of hours the other day reading back through her blog posts!

I really don't know if I have enough or too much. But like I say, we don't live that far away and I'd rather have too much than too little.

Do you think I have missed anything vital out here?

mummystartingout x


  1. Hi, just found your blog via twitter, best of luck with the new arrival! Don't forget Sanitary towels and wipes x

  2. Oh god yeah! forgot about them! Thanks! and thanks for stopping by! xx