Friday, May 9, 2014

Love The Little Things, Week 19

This week has seemed like a really short one at school because of the bank holiday - yey! So I can't believe we are already on to another week of Love The Little Things.
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I bought a new cook book last week off Amazon and it arrived on Tuesday.  It's the Hairy Bikers Great Curries book and I only paid £4.29 for the hardback version! I'm always buying books off Amazon and this time decided to click the new and used section. They had this, which said it had been used but was in good condition and as it was so much cheaper I decided to try it. The book arrived in almost perfect condition! So I have been reading this a lot this week and once again have marked out loads of curries and side dishes that I intend to make. It really is a good curry book; lots of different types of curries, rice, sides and sweet things as well as a section on how to make curry for a crowd!

I also really enjoyed reading Sian's blog post about how motherhood changed her. I think it's different for women then men when they have children. The woman's life (in my opinion) changes more than her husband or partner's does. I found myself thinking about how my life had changed, but of course, for the better. 


Hmm, not doing well on the watched part again. Haven't really watched anything remotely interesting besides Britain's Got Talent. I have to admit, I do really like this show. My favourite act from last Saturday were the all male swing group. 


As you know, I made a few purchases last week for my Spring/Summer wardrobe, so I have been wearing these shoes to death. They are actually really hard to break in and are rubbing quite a bit! But I'm hoping that once they soften up they will be OK. I still  love them though!


Charlie is really blabbering away now all the time, in fact he hardly shuts up! I have taught him to sing and he now sings 'lalala' all the time. He sings in the car especially, but he will sing a long to a song that comes on the radio. It's very cute and he looks really pleased with himself when he does it!


OK, this doesn't count really, but the hubby made this last night:

Sausage, mash and onion gravy! Mmmm! It's such a treat to have my dinner made for me and I am useless at making mash. It was really yummy. 

And lastly, this half term is going really fast. We only have three more weeks until we break up and in our school the last week of this half term we have Bank holiday on the Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are exam week and Friday is an INSET and we only have to come in until lunch time! So it seems a very short little half term. I am looking forward to the weather warming up and also, our half term in the Isle of Man coincides with TT, which you may or may not have heard about. Basically TT stands for Tourist Trophy and it's a massive motorcycle race. It's famous and people from all over the world start arriving on our Island very soon. The Island becomes jam packed and there is such as buzz all over - it's something so different. So am looking forward to that and a week off again! 

See you for next week's #Littleloves 


  1. Love your shoes! I have a pair of pumps that literally ripped my heels apart! I couldn't cope with the pain, so they have gone back under the bed! #gutted

  2. Well I have to be honest - I wore these all day Saturday and they ripped me feet apart too!! Not sure what to do, might buy those heel things you can stick in shoes x

  3. I love the Hairy Bikers! I've got a couple of their cook books but think I might need to invest in this one too. Thanks for joining in! xx