Monday, May 19, 2014

Review: Cosatto Supa Stoller Fox Trott

I don't generally do reviews on here. But, hubby and I bought Charlie a new stroller the other week. I loved our Silvercross pram, but it is heavy and bulky and now Charlie is a little older it is really hard for me to push it around with him in it. I am only 5ft and the pram is a beast. Add all the paraphernalia you have to carry around too and it just becomes a nightmare! So, we felt it was time for a buggy or stroller.

Since becoming a mum, I have lusted after various prams and pushchairs, but I always came back to the Cosatto Supa Stroller, mainly because of the range of patterns, it has to be admitted. But when I went to try it out, I could not believe how lightweight it was compared to the Silvercross 3D and also how much I fell in love with it.

So here is a review for the Cosatto Supa Stroller. I should state, I have not been asked to write this,  nor did I receive the stroller for free! But I couldn't help but share my love for this stroller.

The first thing anyone would notice about this stroller is the design. I went for the Fox Trott design, but it comes in a whopping 7 other different designs, girly ones, boy ones and unisex ones.  Just click here for the full range of patterns. I nearly chose the Monster design, but in the end I couldn't resist the fox, it's just so cute.

The stroller is suitable from birth and has a newborn insert with headrest, so I felt that, if we did decide to have another baby, which is unlikely, then we wouldn't have to fork out again for a pram (as I am selling the Silvercross). It also comes with a fully reversible and detachable Cosy Toes which is again, coordinated in the theme of the pram and also includes a little Kangaroo pouch for small fingers! I am trying to teach Charlie how to use the kangaroo pouch, as he doesn't seem to get it yet. It's a great feature though, as he won't wear gloves. On hot days you can completely unzip the cosy toes front zip liner so that you are just left with a normal (super smart!) liner. The inside of the hood has a gorgeous matching pattern of foxes too and the shoulder pads also have a little fox on them which I think just really finishes it off. It's the small attention to detail like this that put the Supa in a class of its own.

In terms of functionality, this stroller really does excel. It has an extendable hood which can be used as a sunshade, so no need to attach those flimsy parasols which break at the first sign of a breeze. What I thought was very funky, was that in the hood there is a gadget pocket so you can put your tablet in to play music or let your child watch something from the comfort of their pram. The stroller also has an integrated speaker so you can plug your device into the speakers as well. How cool??!  In addition, there is also a drinks holder. I craved a drinks holder with the Silvercross and although I could have bought one to attach, I just never got around to it. I think all prams or strollers etc should have a drinks holder!

Of course it has the essentials, like lockable front swivel wheels, a calf support for baby's legs and it also has a free standing feature when it is folded. Although I doubt I will ever use this feature, as it's either in the boot folded or in the garage set up. But if you did want to store it in your hallway for example, then it will stand up on its own when folded. It is quite compact when folded too, although not as compact as other strollers. However, when I looked at similar, cheaper strollers, without some of the added extras, as nice as they were, they still felt cheap and plastic looking to me; I wanted our stroller to be super smart.  I find I can have a boot full of shopping and just slot the pushchair in easily, as it's much less bulky than others. The Silvercross didn't have the freestanding feature and it was actually quite annoying at times, especially when trying to get it in the boot, it would just fall over, very clumsily, whilst you were putting your shopping in the boot.  The stroller also comes with height adjustable handles, although I find this is the only negative - I am very small and the handles do not adjust low enough to my height. But as it is so lightweight I can live with that.  I've turned into a pram snob I know, but I wanted something smart looking, whilst still being lightweight and compact. Also, a big plus for me, is the fact that the fabric part is completely removable for washing. Strollers get dirty with little biscuit fingers and so I think this is definitely a plus for me.

All in all, I love this stroller and Charlie seems to too! He has had a couple of naps in it and I think he likes how he isn't as constricted as he was with his pram. He's probably too big now for the head rest so I am going to remove that and stow it away, just in case. I am really happy that we went for this one and I think it looks so smart too!

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