Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Ordinary Moments #2: Enjoying my son

I feel like things are difficult at the minute. I can't put my finger on it, but we have issues with the step-daughter's mum at the minute being a complete idiot, Charlie still isn't sleeping well, lots of things that need to be bought or paid for, we have lots on every single weekend up until the end of June and then of course, the stress that comes with my job. Hubby and I are shouting at each other a lot and whilst it's nothing serious, everything just feels hard.

On Saturday, I mentioned we were going to the Manx Youth Games with the step-daughter, who was competing in the Crown Green Bowling event. Whilst we were there, hubby took the photos below without me knowing and then edited them and put them in a collage for me. It's simple things like this that make me appreciate him, but also Charlie. He captured a beautiful moment for us. I was walking him around the bowling green as he was getting a bit bored. I think the picture that shows us walking hand in hand, is just beautiful. Whilst he can walk pretty well for a 14 month old, he is only just starting to walk outside and this was us practising, together. The other one is just Charlie being a cool dude wearing his cousin's sunglasses!

It just reminds me to appreciate all the little, ordinary moments.


  1. life can be stressful at times but moments like this keep us going and appreciating each other. lovely post.
    stopping from ordinary moments xx

  2. Aw this is a lovely collage, what a lovely thing for your hubby to do. It's lovely to snatch ordinary moments, I definitely think that sometimes they can make you realise that even through the stress there is lots to be thankful for. x