Friday, May 16, 2014

Love The Little Things, Week 20

Here we are again. I can't believe how quick this week has actually gone! It only feels like yesterday when I was writing last week's post.

Anywho, here is what I've been loving this week:


I am STILL reading The Mystery Of Mercy Close. I know I was reading this two weeks ago, but it's a very large book and I have a 14 month old! The only time I manage to read anything is in the bath, or if I'm really lucky when I get in bed. But I'm normally that tired by the time I crash into bed that I can't focus on reading. However, this book is wonderful; a bit dark I think at times, but witty and definitely a page turner! 


I've done better this week with what I've been listening to. I've made an effort and here is what's on my play list:

John Legend - All Of Me

Beyonce - Drunk In Love

Rita Ora - I will Never Let You Down

Cee Lo Green - Scream


Finally managed to sit down and watch some TV this week! It was the return of Deadliest Catch on Discovery on Monday. The hubby had made me upgrade our Sky subscription last week, just so we could watch this! I do really like this program, but it's costing me an extra £7 a month to watch haha! If you don't know it, it's about a group of crab fishing boats up in the Bereing Sea. That makes it sound dull as anything, but I assure you, I felt the same and then I was converted after a couple of episodes! 


Oh my goodness, I bought the most amazing jeggings ever! They are super soft and stretchy and don't dig into my belly after about an hour of wearing them! I bought them from Next and whilst not that cheap at £24 for jeggings, they are really fabulous! They have them in lots of colours so I may have to get them in a different colour!


As you might remember, I bought the Hairy Bikers Great Curries book the other week. So last weekend I made one of the curries out of it. I made the Chicken Makhani (butter chicken). It was delicious! A bit of a faff to make, as there was various stages to it - the marinade, the sauce, grilling the chicken, making the sauce etc, but it was all worth it. I didn't get a shot of the finished curry, but here it is bubbling away!

And finally...

There are various things I am looking forward to this weekend; Tonight is the first BBQ of the season, so I can't wait for that. Keeping it simple with burgers, sausages, cheesy jackets and salad. Might do something more elaborate next weekend. Then, tomorrow is the Manx Youth Games and the step-daughter is participating in the Crown Green Bowling event, representing the North of the Island. It's a really big event on the Isle of Man calendar. She did it last year as well but as we lived in a different part of the Island back then so she represented the West. The North won last year, so we have high hopes haha. Also hoping though, that her mother doesn't ruin the day for us like she did last year, kicking off at us there! Then, hubby is out tomorrow night so I am looking forward to sitting down with wine and The Great Gatsby! And then on Sunday, chill out and make a lovely roast dinner!

As ever, if you want to join in, go along to Butwhymummywhy and join in with the linky. 


  1. I adore that John Legend song, so beautiful.
    Good tip on the jeggings, I'm going to order a pair!
    We're having a bbq too, so pleased that the weather has finally decided to get better. Enjoy your weekend xx

    1. Honestly, they are fab! And they do them in petite, which for me was a bonus! Enjoy your BBQ! x

  2. Completely with you on finding it hard to find enough time to read! I love that John Legend song.

    Might have to grab some of those jeggings!! Happy Friday xxx

  3. Enjoy your first bbq of 2014 how exciting. Love the jeggings I could use a pair of those myself. The curry sounds amazing yum yum indeed. What a lovely round #littleloves

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend coming up hon! Must get me some of those jeggings - especially if they have a choice of colours - my skinny jean collection is woefully understocked! The book sounds intriguing but I know what you mean about finding the time - its almost impossible these days! X #LTLT

    1. They are fab! I love them so much. I get a lot of tummy problems, so jeans are sometimes horrible for me to wear but these are great. Yep near impossible with little ones around haha x

  5. Ooh, I love your round-up Amy, especially the jeggings and the curry - yum! Have a great weekend - sounds like a busy one! Hope the sun shines for you xx

  6. Great jeggings, I love Next denim so may have to take a pop over there.

    Hope you had a great BBQ, we're having our first tonight, can't wait xxx

    1. It was great! Sunny weather and a pimms or two! Hope you enjoyed yours too x

  7. You know, someone else was telling me how much they love Deadliest Catch the other day.. perhaps we should check it out! Mind you, making our way through Breaking Bad is taking up our spare time.

    Darn you for making me want to check out more jeggings as well...

    Hope the BBQ was good! x

    1. It's really good! Not something I am normally in to, but really good. They are fab! So comfy and I've lived in them since I bought them! x

  8. Adore John Ledgen All of me! Twas one of my little loves the other week-great taste there lovely! Ah, finding the perfect jeggings......kinda like the holy grail! x

  9. It's fab isn't it! Haha yep indeed, the holy grail. But I am really pleased with them! xx