Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Ordinary Moments #1 (Week 19)

For the first time on this blog, I am joining in with Mummy Daddy Me's The Ordinary Moments.

Sometimes, it's hard to remember to enjoy those ordinary, everyday things and focus on the big things, like holidays and treats etc. But every day, especially as a parent, is special. Children are always doing funny things and making us smile.

Charlie loves swings now he's a bit older. We have one in the garden, which (unfortunately!) he can see from the patio doors. He can't yet say 'swing' but he makes a noise which sounds similar and points at it, obviously trying to say he wants to go on it.We have to shut the curtains sometimes as he gets a bit obsessed and then starts screaming if we don't take him out on it. He doesn't understand that it's peeing down and we will get drenched!

As a parent there are good days and bad days. At the moment, we are unfortunately having more of the bad days as Charlie is going through a funny phase; he won't eat his dinner and he won't go to bed or stay asleep. When we pick him up at 4pm he tends to cry on and off until he finally goes to bed at god knows what time. The last few weeks have been tense and stressful, we're running off little sleep and I feel like he doesn't enjoy being with us. I know that's not the case as he is so happy to see us at 4pm, but I just don't want him crying all the time in the evening. I really hope it's just a phase and perhaps he's getting more teeth.

However, there are of course, moments where he is his usual self, especially when he is on a swing. These moments make everything OK. So what if he is being grumpier than usual? So what if he isn't sleeping on his own? It's wonderful to have a tiny little body snuggle up close to you in the middle of the night. And I have to remember that it won't last forever. One day, he won't step foot in a park when he's older and too 'cool.'


  1. Swings are a parents life saver I would want one at home cuz it just pacifies my son as well. He is so cute here =) #ordinarymoments

    1. Aw thanks! Yep definitely a good idea getting one for the garden! x

  2. Ah welcome and lovely to find your blog. I totally know what you are saying about the good and the bad days, I have them a lot as a parent. Both of mine are going through a funny period at the moment where they won't eat their dinner, it's so frustrating and hard to understand. But ordinary moments like the swings make you forget. There's nothing better than seeing my girls flying high and giggling on the swings. x

  3. The food thing is driving me insane! I just want him to eat. He's obsessed with bananas so he's eating those though haha! x